Beating the Insomnia Monster

Remember when you were about six years old and were completely convinced that there was a monster hiding in your closet or under your bed? We laugh now, but at the time it wasn’t the least bit funny to our six-year-old selves. Maybe there really was a monster. Maybe that monster was insomnia. It certainly kept us from getting to sleep when we were six, and maybe the insomnia monster is still keeping us from getting a good night of much-needed rest. We need to banish the insomnia monster once and for all!

The first thing to do, if the insomnia monster is to be banished, is to quit feeding it. Insomnia thrives on refined sugar and caffeine. So quit giving it the things that make it stronger. You can weaken the insomnia monster by starving it. Good sleep thrives on carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables, brown rice, and oatmeal. Good sleep also likes milk. The insomnia monster hates all of those things. So feed good sleep and starve insomnia.

Disruption is another thing that the insomnia monster thrives on. The more disrupted your schedule becomes, the stronger the insomnia monster gets. We can’t always live by the clock, but we can maintain a certain degree of regularity in our lives that will add a lot of “hurt” to the insomnia monster.

The insomnia monster also thrives on stress. The more stress that you cram into your life, the stronger the insomnia monster gets. Stress is to insomnia as oxygen is to life itself. Without stress, your insomnia monster will smother to death. Decrease the stress in your life by adding some exercise. Try taking a good brisk half-hour walk right after your evening meal. This will reduce your stress level and help to kill the insomnia monster that keeps you awake at night.