Insomnia Remedies

Top 5 Home Remedies for Insomnia – Natural Treatment

Dr. Meenakshi correlates our life style with the Insomnia like our late long night party, busy in studying our kids, to engross in watching TV late-night, going late night movies. Making such habits like going to bed late at night for longer time, you find yourself not able to sleep and wake up once or twice in the middle of night. Taking heavy sedative medications makes them more uncomfortable. Here we have some home remedies like messaging castor oil on scalp, delicious remedy; eating mango before going to sleep with lukewarm milk, take 2-3 almond oil in lukewarm milk before going to bed.

Insomnia Sleep Disorders – Sleep Remedies And Tips

In our on-the-go lives, physical exhaustion can overcome us by night, but often sleep eludes us if the chatter in the mind does not stop. This can be extremely frustrating, because inadequate sleep gives a kind of hangover the next day, leading to lethargy and irritability.

Best Foods to Cure Insomnia | Healthy Recipes

Be it any condition, a healthy diet is a road to fast recovery. Watch this video for some quick and easy recipes to help you recover from Insomnia!

How to Eat for a Good Night’s Sleep

Be kind to your tummy so it will leave you alone when you want to rest.

6 Foods to Eat For a Better Night’s Sleep

These foods are key for getting a better night’s sleep! Experience sweet dreams with the help of these 6 foods.

The Sleep Music Insomnia Cure that Works

Try the new insomnia cure video with sunsets and peaceful music that will naturally put you to sleep even if you keep trying to stay awake. The ideal combination of the warm color spectrum of sunsets with the wave length of the music will tune your brain to a very beautiful dream. We tested this video during day and night – amazing, you will be surprised.