Secondary Insomnia

Sleep! Restful and renewing sleep is sometimes elusive for everybody occasionally. Insomnia is one of the most common complaints that doctors hear. We all spend a full third of our lives in the blissful state of sleep under normal circumstances. We need our sleep just like we need air, water, food, and exercise in order to maintain our health.

Most of the time insomnia is a fleeting problem. We might experience a night or two of restlessness, then we return to our normal pattern of sleep and all is well once again.

Sometimes, though, we don’t return to the normal sleep patterns. When insomnia continues over a period of a month or more, it is time to see a doctor. Our bodies and our minds must rest and continued insomnia can be a symptom of other much more serious problems.

There are many, many causes for what doctors call “Secondary Insomnia.” Secondary Insomnia means that the insomnia is being caused by a physical or mental condition. Secondary Insomnia is not a fleeting thing. It sticks around for a long time and only continues to grow worse.

The objective of the physician is to determine what the cause of the Secondary Insomnia is. He or she may order many tests to help determine the cause.

Some of the things that your doctor will be looking for are:

* Sleep Apnea: That means that you are having difficulty breathing when you sleep.

* Restless Leg Syndrome: That means that you are having pain in your legs when you are trying to sleep.

* A Medical Condition: There are many medical problems that can cause insomnia and your doctor may test for many of them.

* Substance Abuse: Withdrawal from excessive alcohol or drugs can cause insomnia.